Spectacle Lenses

As an independent opticians we are not dictated by any one lens manufacturer. From a basic spectacle lens correction to the most complex prescriptions, we offer the most suitable solution optically and aesthetically within any particular budget.
High Index Lenses
High index lenses provide a thinner and lighter option for a prescription to give better cosmetic appearance with a wide field of view.

Frame choice is of paramount importance when deciding on which high index lens option is most suitable for your prescription.

Our qualified dispensing opticians will be happy to advise you of the best options available.

Seiko Lenses
Double Aspheric lenses by Seiko now further reduce aberrations compared to standard high index lenses and achieve an even thinner and more aesthetically appealing finish. These are the most advanced single vision lenses to date.

As a Seiko lens specialist we would be happy to discuss your lens options further.

Bifocals offer patients the option of having a combination of distance, intermediate or near correction in one pair of spectacles. The bifocal segment can be either flat top, round or E-line and vary in size depending on the patients specific needs.
Varifocals offer patients “a bifocal without the line”, a progressive lens from distance to reading. We are a Seiko lens specialist, but have access to all varifocal products including Varilux and Zeiss. The best solution depends on an individual prescription. Seiko’s patented technology allows the Japanese lens design to be back surfaced providing a wider field of view and linear progression from distance to near over other varifocal providers.

Seiko lenses offer a comprehensive range of varifocals from basic to the latest bespoke design. The highest grade – Prime X, is a tailored lens taking into account your frame design, measurements and position to provide the widest varifocal with the largest intermediate and reading area possible.

With the increased use of VDU’s in our daily lives, occupational lenses are becoming increasingly popular. These lenses are designed for individuals needing a correction for VDU and close work only. For those who don’t just use spectacles for VDU and reading but require vision correction in an office environment, Seiko provide an Indoor lens which allows the wearer to see clearly up to four metres.