Don’t become a statistic!

According to the Eyecare Trust, more than 20,000 eye accidents happen every year to people doing DIY jobs – that’s one every 25 minutes!

Don’t become a statistic and put your sight at risk. Always wear good quality safety glasses. These will protect your eyes from common causes of injury, including:

  • Hot metal filings thrown out when angle grinding
  • Sparks when soldering or using blowtorches
  • Wood chips and metal particles thrown out from hammering, drilling, chiselling, and sanding
  • Dust particles

If you normally wear glasses or contact lenses, you can’t rely on them for protection – they are not designed to cope with these risks. In fact, they can make an eye injury much worse if they shatter or penetrate the eye.

You can wear safety glasses over your normal specs and contact lenses. Whatever protection you choose, make sure the glasses conform to British Standards.

Want to know more? Take a look at this really helpful information leaflet from the Eyecare Trust. It has good advice on staying safe and also on first aid if things do go wrong.